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Brooks Lenkerband aus Leder, schwarz

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Brooks Lenkerband aus Leder Griffigkeit und komfort: Das neue Brooks Leder Lenkerband Jede... mehr
Produktinformationen "Brooks Lenkerband aus Leder, schwarz"

Brooks Lenkerband aus Leder

Griffigkeit und komfort: Das neue Brooks Leder Lenkerband

Jede Packung enthält:

-2 Stück selbstklebendes Leder Lenkerband

-2 Lenkerendkappen mit Brooks Logo

-2 Klebebänder für das Lederbandende

Leather Bar Tape

Brooks has reintroduced a classic product that may force many cyclists, more familiar with modern alternatives, to reassess the material they rely on for grip and comfort - Leather bar tape.

This naturally durable and breathable product has been overtaken by a plethora of manmade fibres and materials in recent years but could be on the verge of a comeback among cycling aficionados.

Andrea Meneghelli explains: "Some good things just never change. One of these is certainly leather, a material used since thousands of years for clothing, shoes, etc because of its unique properties.

"Sometimes Innovation for innovation - s sake sees traditional materials - which are still capable of outperforming newer ones - left behind as fashions change. Today most handlebar tapes for road bikes are made of plastic, synthetic cork or micro-fibres but Brooks believes that by reintroducing leather it could become the next big thing among discerning cyclists."

Each package of Brooks Leather Bar Tape contains:

-2 strips of adhesive leather bar tape

-2 bar end plugs - featuring the Brooks logo

-2 adhesive top wrap strips

The leather bar tape is available in all good bike shops priced from 39 - and is available in

3 colours: black, brown and honey.

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